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3 Ways Automation Solutions Can Improve Operations

Automation is more necessary than ever for businesses to thrive, as it improves processes in order to achieve goals. H&R Industrial is dedicated to quality-driven systems, and has been a leader in providing custom automation solutions to manufacturers in the midwest since 2007. Here are three ways that complete automation and control systems integration solutions can improve your daily operations.

Custom automation solutions

Better Efficiency 

Automated systems will save time and money with their efficiency at getting products out quicker. At H&R, we typically handle an entire automation project from start to finish. Our skilled engineer team is capable of designing custom automation solutions for your business. We also excel in programming and maintenance, which simplifies the process for our customers.

Higher Quality 

Less room for human error means that you are manufacturing a much higher-quality product at a faster rate. Once we get you up and running, we will make sure you stay that way. Our experienced technicians help keep your operations running flawlessly by maintaining the integrity of your automation systems. Whether you’re adding to or retrofitting an existing plant process, or looking for a partner to design and build your first automated system, we are ready to solve your manufacturing challenges with our innovative automation solutions.

Improve Safety

When there are fewer humans working on the production line, there will be fewer opportunities for accidents. Here are some processes that we can automate to promote the utmost efficiency, quality, and safety:

  • Arc Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Robotic servo or pneumatic demurring processes
  • Pick and Place
  • Torque and Vision
  • Part Marking
  • Hydraulic Controls
  • Electrical Design
  • Panel Fabrication/Wiring
  • Mechanical Design

Contact Us for More Information 

From simple to highly-complex machine solutions, H&R Industrial provides cost-effective and dependable custom automation equipment. We are positioned to be a partner throughout the entire manufacturing process, and our in-house engineering services allow us to handle projects from start to finish. Contact us at (765) 868-8408 for more information. We serve Kokomo and the surrounding areas of Indiana.