Our steel fabrication shop builds custom metal storage and cargo handling racks and containers. These fabricated metal items include, but are not limited to – steel pallets, metal box pallets, various warehouse pallet solutions, pallets with retention cages, and any other custom built metal containers. Clients simply provide the dimensions and all other requirements, and H&R fabricates the perfect solution for the job.

Automotive metal pallets and containers are an area of specialization at H & R. Our Indiana metal fabricators create steel pallets that are used by automotive manufacturing companies to stack and organize vehicle frames and auto parts at their factories. Since pallet dimensions depend upon the car model or specific auto part being stored, it’s very important that the metal storage device is custom fabricated for best performance.

We also repair and modify existing metal racks and containers. Often, a steel container or rack needs to be modified so that it can be more efficiently used for its intended purpose. Following specifications and instructions from the customer, we perform both major and minor modifications to existing metal pallets, containers and racks.

In many cases, a damaged container can be repaired to be just as useful as a new metal container for less than the cost of buying a new one. Our skilled professionals remove the old, damaged parts from the containers or racks, weld on new parts, re-weld wires and metal parts that are loose, and repaint the containers. The result? A metal container that’s as good as new!

As part of our Indiana steel fabrication services, we design, fabricate and erect steel buildings and other metal structures. Our pre-fabricated steel buildings are built to fit the needs of our customers. Steel or metal framed buildings are solid structures and are great for homes, garages, barns, airplane hangers, churches, office buildings, agricultural buildings, and much more. With a steel frame building, you will no longer have to worry about materials, such as wood, which can rot over many years and need to be replaced. Contact us to learn more about our steel structure fabricating and erecting services.

At H&R, our Indiana metalworking services include custom fabricated steel hand rail production and installation. Designed per our customer’s needs, our metal fabricators create steel hand rails for staircases, porches and balconies that add both safety and beauty to a property. With years of experience and expertise in the steel fabrication industry, our professionals have designed and installed metal hand railings for many apartment complexes, condominiums, and various offices and public buildings. Come to us with your ideas, and we will create a beautiful and efficient solution that will be in place for years to come.

  • Complete Paint Finishing Process
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Precision Saw Cutting
  • Foam Fabrication
  • Precision Machining
  • Dunnage Fabrication and Assembly
  • Cab and Canopy Fabrication
  • Production Mig Welding
  • Production Tig Welding

Custom Fabrication Questions?

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