Kokomo Metal Fabrication Company

Client Testimonials

Name: OEM Seating Supplier
Date: 2019

Above & Beyond

We were referred to H&R Industrial for quality issues we were experiencing at our customers facility. Base on their suggestion we used their team and found that they more than met our expectations from a quality point of view as well as their electronic reporting. Their supervision of the project was second to none and I was able to manage my root cause analysis vs. managing an inspection companies employees. They went above and beyond and we use them today for pre-launch and launch support.
Name: OEM Teir 1 Supplier
Date: 2018

Quick-turn Capability

H&R Industrial has exhibited a continuous pro-active partnership with us! They provide guidance regarding applications of material and geometric tolerancing and positioning considerations. We have had the good fortune to work with your engineering staff to review our prototypes and actually “cleanup” our drawing package during the prototyping phases to yield workable evaluation parts. You have been instrumental in providing quick-turn capability to fabricate the prototype when we need to evaluate, typically in short-notice and in an ever-changing requirements environment. Thank you H&R Industrial for your support and you have been a game changer to us.
Name: OEM
Date: 2017

Listened to Our Needs

“H&R Industrial has been a consultant and partner of our company for over 5 years. H&R is more than just a provider of our automation equipment; they have become an integral part of our manufacturing process. The first project with H&R Industrial came in 2008 when we were going to install a conveyor system in our Kokomo operation. We were launching a 600,000 s.f. facility and we needed a system that worked and increase through put. H&R listened to our needs and developed a solution for our needs and knocked it out of the ball bark! Looking back, we simply could not have handled the growth without H&R Industrial!