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3 Questions to Ask When Planning Automation System Changes

As a trusted Kokomo manufacturer, it’s essential that the systems you have in place for production are dependable, efficient, and in the end, produce a product you are proud to deliver. At H&R Industrial, we know that starts from the ground up, including your automation systems. We know this because for 16 years we’ve helped manufacturers in the surrounding area by providing, installing, and servicing complete automation and control systems. Here are three questions to consider when you need to add on or build a completely new automation system.

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1. What Are My Current Automation Needs?

Whether you are starting from scratch or integrating into an already-in-place automation system, it’s important to consider what it is exactly you need in order to make your system run as smoothly as possible. There’s a lot to consider. What job does the automation need to do? What are your goals with production?

It may feel overwhelming to organize your thoughts, but that’s why we’re here. Our engineers help manufacturers from start to finish, listening to your needs, helping build a plan, and working with you until the plan is complete.

2. Who Can Help Me With Building the Automation System?

Depending on your automation needs, find a company that has experience with your production requirements. We design automation that runs the spectrum from simple to complex, so no matter your particular needs, we help make it happen. We’ve designed automation for arc and spot welding, pneumatic deburring processes, pick and place, hydraulic controls, part marking, and much more.

3. What Are My Automation Goals for the Future?

When hiring a company to build your automation, find a solution that works for you in the long run. You may have needs right now for manufacturing your product, but it’s inevitable that there may be adjustments or shifts in your production needs in the future. Our engineers are adept at designing automation that is scalable and customizable. We also offer programming and maintenance, which is essential for keeping you up and running.

If your Kokomo manufacturing company needs a team to design your automation system, contact H&R Industrial at (765) 868-8408 today!